Judo is a perfect choice for children. Though it is a martial art, Judo emphasizes these two principles:

  • Maximum efficiency with minimum effort; and

  • Mutual Welfare and benefit for all

Therefore, though the child learns techniques that can be utilized for self defense, the main focus is cooperation and reason, not fighting. Judo teaches children to become comfortable in their growing bodies and to respect the places they live, work, and train. Judo also benefits a student's flexibility, physical endurance, self-confidence, concentration, and discipline.

Our classes are not only geared to the group. We assist each child with his or her individual needs, taking our students step by step through the art, and providing the tools necessary to succeed. This is especially true in our children's program. Our goal is not to push students from one belt to the next, but to help them achieve the skills and confidence to earn their rank.

Above all, Judo is FUN!

We recommend your child be at least 8 years of age.  Stop by and have your child try a free class!