Here is a list of techniques found in Judo.  They are classified into two main groups:

-Nage Waza (Throwing techniques)

-Katame Waza (Grappling Techniques)

Use this guide (link will download a .pdf) to help you better understand the techniques we have learned in class and prepare for your promotion to higher ranks in Judo.

Here is a useful picture which translates different parts of the body from English to Japanese.


Here are the Technical Rank Requirements for the Junior Ranks:

1st Degree (Yellow Belt)

2nd Degree (Yellow Belt w/ Stripe)

3rd Degree (Orange Belt)

4th Degree (Orange Belt w/Stripe)

5th Degree (Green Belt)

6th Degree (Green Belt w/ Stripe)

7th Degree (Blue Belt)

8th Degree (Blue Belt w/ Stripe)

9th Degree (Purple Belt)

10th Degree (Purple Belt w/ Stripe)

11th Degree (Brown Belt)

12th Degree (Brown Belt w/ Stripe)


Here are the Technical Rank Requirements for the Senior Ranks:

Gokyu (Yellow Belt)

Yonkyu (Green Belt)

Sankyu (Brown Belt)

Nikyu (Brown Belt)

Ikkyu (Brown Belt)

Shodan (Black Belt)